Unique and beautiful custom countertops.

HearthWood Kitchens can replace your old countertops with one of the many countertop surfaces available today. The following is a very brief summary of some of today’s more popular choices with links to various websites for more detailed information.

Countertop Options

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Solid Surface
  • Laminate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood/Butcherblock



100% natural stone, granite is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. It is an extremely durable surface but some varieties can be marred by oils, dark liquids, and acidic substances like lemon juice or vinegar.  It must be sealed every 1-2 years, but nothing quite compares to it’s natural beauty.


Engineered Stone

A combination of 93% Quartz and 7% pigments and resin binders makes engineered stone one of today’s most durable countertop surfaces. It is non-porous, highly hygenic, and will not stain. The surface is heat resistant and never needs sealing, making it an excellent maintenance-free choice.





Solid Surface

A synthetic blend of natural minerals and an acrylic or polyester resin creates a seamless surface which is not impervious to damage, but unlike many other countertop materials, it can be repaired.  Examples of solid surface coutertops may be seen at the right.  These are from Avonite.




Melamine-impregnated decorative surface paper (that gives it the color and pattern) is joined with layers of kraft paper and resins. The resulting “sheet” is bonded, or laminated, to a substrate, usually particle board.  While it can be damaged more easily than other countertop materials, it is still considered durable. It is one of the least expensive countertop choices and offers by far the most options for color and pattern.


Stainless Steel

This metal surface is waterproof, stainproof, heatproof, and will not rust, fade, or chip.  It is the most hygenic countertop surface available but it is prone to scratches and dents.  Over time, scratches can blend with each other, resulting in a softer-looking patina.


Wood can be damaged by water and stains if not sealed or oiled regularly, but the surface is easy to clean, can be restored by sanding and resealing or oiling, and has natural bacteria-inhibiting properties.

Additional countertop material choices include tile, concrete, soapstone, marble, glass, and copper.


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