If you have never experienced the “joy” of a full kitchen remodeling project, you should definitely give yourself some mental preparation before the demolition begins.  You will be experiencing dust (it can never be 100% contained, even with well-sealed plastic zip-walls with zipper doors), noise, and a disruption in your daily routine.  Luckily, our sub-contractors are great people and they’ll help make the construction process a little easier to tolerate, even adding their own touches of humor to keep you smiling.  And if you just “keep your eyes on the prize”, you will get through it just fine.  It is SO worth it all, once you are able to move into your new kitchen and start enjoying the great functionality of the layout, the new cabinets and storage accessories, the great countertops and work space.  You will be so happy that you can finally enjoy cooking, and even the meal clean-up, in a space that is not only beautiful but also designed to make your movements more efficient.  And all the colors, materials, and finishes will have been selected by YOU (with our assistance, of course) so you will be surrounded every day by a unique space that was created just for you and your family.  What could be more rewarding than that?

  IMG_0572          FROM THIS ………… TO THIS            Eden Prairie Maple - web size


By the way, check out this blog:  www.thecreativebite.com  and look at the remodeling project that Danielle did.  Beautiful results!