glass fron peninsulaGlass front cabinets can be a focal point in a kitchen. They can provide a visual break from that feeling of heaviness when the space has too much wood. And they can bring light into the kitchen and provide a showcase for glassware or dishes. The glass can also act as a window to the outdoors or to another room.
For example, this kitchen has a peninsula that divides the cooking space and an adjacent space. The glass front cabinets keep the kitchen from feeling closed off from the dining space and allow more light into the kitchen.

In this photo, the breakfront style cabinet with glass doors brings a “furniture” feel to this traditional kitchen. glass front dishes storage


The sliding glass doors on this modern cabinet allow full view of the ceiling in the next room, tying the kitchen to the rest of the living space. And, it beautifully displays the glassware contained inside.sliding glass doors

Glass makers specializing in glass panels can offer designs that provide color and texture. Some are real show stoppers. Check out these panels available at an art glass studio:

yellow streaky glass panelgreen glass panelopaquey textury glass panel

Your choice of cabinets may allow you to change out your glass panels in the future, thus updating the look of your kitchen without changing the cabinets. If this is desirable, you would need to find out from your designer if this is an option that is possible for you. Light and bright can be just right!